Tourism Research Competition 2023

This competition is now closed


Students may enter this competition in groups of two (2). Each group should develop a written case study on the topic:

                          ‘Building a Resilient Workforce for a Sustainable Future’

Step 1:

Consider creative ways to illustrate key recommendations that could help ensure a sustainable talent pipeline for the future of the sector at the local level. Include your research findings and analysis of the topic, as well as a lesson plan for how the case can be used in the classroom.

Step 2:

Create a 15 – 20 minute presentation on the case (it doesn’t have to be a PowerPoint Presentation … get creative!)

Step 3:

Submit your case study and presentation by September 18, 2023 via email to

       Students must be members of a registered Tourism Action Club to enter


The winning group and their staff advisor will travel to Dubai, UAE to attend the GTTP Student Teacher Conference in November 2023.

Getting Started

You may want to consider the following:

  • Do people in your community view the tourism industry positively or negatively?
  • What do young people consider when choosing a career?
  • “Talent Wars” is there competition for staff from other industries?
  • Why would a student consider – or not – a career in tourism?
  • Why might people working in tourism stay or leave the industry?
  • What are tourism businesses doing to be responsible employers?
  • Are there ways the tourist industry in your community could improve the image of the industry as a career option?

For more tips on how to complete your case study, check out our helpful guide