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about tac

Our Mission

Tourism Action Clubs hereafter referred to as TAC is managed through the Tourism Awareness Unit of the Jamaica Tourist Board. One of the mandates of the Tourism Awareness Unit is to sensitize Jamaicans on the value of tourism to Jamaica and most important the role each of us can play in ensuring that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean Tourist Destination.

One of the main selling point for Jamaica as a tourist destination is the warmth and hospitality of the Jamaican people and we would love to keep it that way.

tac Experiences

What do TAC members do?

TAC activities are based on three main components:

Community Involvement. The activities of the Club are aimed at reinforcing the link between communities and tourism by engag-ing students in community-related projects.

Education. The TAC aims to build a greater awareness of the tourist industry among members and seeks to develop individuals through various activities involving specialty speakers, informative films or videos, debates, skills training, classroom learning competitions etc.

Recreation. The Club encourages and provide an outlet for fun activities including nature walks, familiarization trips, games, etc.