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Junior Minister of Tourism Competition

Junior Minister of Tourism Competition

Each Tourism Action Club is invited to select one (1) representative to participate in this national competition.

Student representatives must be:

  • Between the ages of 14-17 years as at September 2024
  • Active members of their school’s Tourism Action Club.

Staff Advisors must complete and submit the registration form by email to tacjamaica@visitjamaica.com

The deadline to register for the competition is Thursday, April 18, 2024.

                                                    Download Registration Form

Competition Details

In the first round of the competition, students will be required to deliver a three (3) minute presentation on any one of three (3) listed topics.

Each student will also be required to give a one (1) minute response to a tourism-related mystery topic.

The winner of the competition will go on to represent Jamaica as Junior Minister of Tourism at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Regional Youth Congress in September 2024.

Deja Bremmer, Junior Minister of Tourism 2023-2024, with Mr. Donovan White, Director of Tourism




Sanecia Taylor, Jamaica’s Junior Minister of Tourism 2022, at the Caribbean Tourism Organization Youth Congress held in Cayman Islands, September 2022


Students should prepare to present their ideas on ONE of the three topics outlined below. Each student will be given three (3) minutes to to express his/her ideas on the chosen topic.


Your Ministry has recently reached a milestone with the completion of an innovative Adventure Tourism project. Crafted in partnership with various industry stakeholders, this initiative seeks to elevate the holistic well-being of visitors to our destination – encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

As Junior Minister of Tourism, present this transformative endeavour to your esteemed colleagues. Explain three (3) key pathways through which this initiative is poised to fulfill its objectives and revolutionize tourism in your destination.



In recent years, the global tourism industry has seen a remarkable surge in solo travelers. This burgeoning trend presents an enticing opportunity for Caribbean destinations to tap into an unexplored market segment. By comprehending the distinct needs and preferences of solo travelers, destinations can tailor their offerings to deliver unparalleled experiences and secure their lasting loyalty.

As Junior Minister of Tourism, explain your Ministry’s keen interest in this market and unveil three (3) impactful strategies your destination is implementing to entice and cater to Solo Travelers.



As a pivotal aspect of your destination’s strategic approach to diversify tourism source markets, your Ministry is initiating a transformative endeavor known as the “Collaboration across Cultures” initiative, aimed at fostering the ethos of diversity and inclusivity.

As Junior Minister of Tourism, shed light on the motivations driving your Ministry’s commitment to this endeavour and delineate three (3) pivotal reasons why your Ministry perceives cross-cultural collaboration as instrumental in shaping a more immersive and inclusive tourism experience within your destination.



In the realm of tourism, Blue Tourism, often referred to as Coastal or Maritime tourism, represents a significant opportunity for destinations blessed with oceanic, sea, or coastal treasures. In alignment with your government’s commitment to environmental stewardship, substantial investments are being directed towards the preservation of our marine ecosystems.

As Junior Minister of Tourism, outline to your esteemed colleagues the collaborative endeavours orchestrated by your Ministry, alongside local communities and industry stakeholders, geared towards promoting responsible tourism practices, combating plastic pollution, minimizing the ecological impact on marine habitats, and fostering the sustainable growth of the blue economy. Outline three (3) of these pioneering initiatives.


Competition Schedule

Deadline to submit registration form April 18, 2024
First Round of Competition June 11, 2024
Training Sessions and Activities for finalists June 24, 2024
Final Round July 1, 2024