"Small Jamaicans making
a big difference"


sample meeting agenda-2-1

TAC Activities based on three core values:

  • Education
  • Work
  • Recreation
Theme for the Term: “Meeting the Needs of our Visitors”
    • Week
    • Activity
    • Nature of Activity
    • Week 1

    • Discussion on the types of visitors and where do our visitors come from.

    • Education

    • Week 2

    • Guest Speaker: TPDCo

      “The Role of Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) in ensuring that Jamaica offers a quality tourism product.

    • Education

    • Week 3

    • Guest Speaker: JTB

      “The Role of the JTB in marketing Jamaica to the world.

    • Education

    • Week 4

    • Focus: The Value of Customer Service

      Role Play and discussion highlighting good and bad service. (E.g. at the front desk, on a tour, in a restaurant, on a flight)

    • Education

    • Week 5

    • Focus: Dislikes of our Visitors

      Concert: songs, poems, jokes, etc. about protecting the environment, not harassing the tourist, no selling of drugs, poor service, no twanging

    • Recreation

    • Week 6

    • Recreation: Games Evening ( Intra-Clubbing)
      (Teams will have the names of the resort areas)

    • Recreation

    • Week 7

    • Fundraising Activity:

      To purchase educational games for children’s home.

    • Work

    • Week 8

    • Focus – Understanding Cultural Diversity.

      In groups, student are required to make presentations on the following visitors to Jamaica – Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Americans, English , Spanish (Examine their food, dress, language, greetings, religious practices, peeves, etc)

    • Education

    • Week 9

    • Focus: The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language.

      Guest – Invite person from the Japanese embassy to conduct session on basic Japanese conversation, e.g. saying hello, introducing yourself, saying where you are from and giving directions.

    • Recreation

    • Week 10

    • Focus: Educating our youngsters

      Visit to children’s home to spend time with them and hand over of educational games for the children.

    • Work

    • Week 11

    • Easter Social – Intra Clubbing

    • Recreation

    • Week 12

    • Focus: A Day as a Tourist

      Field Trip – Day Pass to an All-Inclusive Property.

    • Recreation