Minister of Tourism


 In today’s fast-paced society with so many other distractions for our youth it is commendable to see young Jamaicans not merely showing interest in their nation’s major industry but playing a role in ensuring its success. The Tourism Action Club is an innovative way of actively engaging the future generation in our nation’s development. Our youth possess the creativity, the talents, the vim and the technical skills to not only maintain, but improve, Jamaica’s prime spot in the world’s tourism market.


It is my belief that when one commits wholeheartedly to a cause, there is no limit to the achievements to be gained. To have even the slightest inclination to make a difference in your society is commendable; to actually act on that inclination is golden. To borrow the Tourism Action Club’s own tag line- I admire, salute and encourage this group of “small Jamaicans [who are] making a big difference”.  We have often heard it said that action speaks louder than words; this is something the Tourism Action Club obviously believes as their very name indicates that their mission involves more than just words. An army of youth actively working to promote awareness among young Jamaicans, and providing opportunities for them to develop and share ideas will ensure continuity and growth for Jamaica in this competitive world economy.

It is therefore my pleasure to add my endorsement to this website. Jamaica’s natural beauty is only surpassed by the charisma, patriotism and ingenuity of our people. This website is a product of visionaries who are engaged in the positive promotion of their homeland. Navigate through it, learn about our country, learn about the Tourism Action Club and most important, support their mission as far as you can because the Tourism Action Club is a microcosm of our nation’s powerhouse – the Jamaican youth.



Honorable Edmund Bartlett, M.P

Minister of Tourism and Entertainment 

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