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About Us

About Tourism Action Clubs (TAC)

Tourism Action Clubs hereafter referred to as TAC are managed through the Tourism Awareness Unit of the Jamaica Tourist Board. One of the mandates of the Tourism Awareness Unit is to sensitize Jamaicans on the value of tourism to Jamaica and most important the role each of us can play in ensuring that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean Tourist Destination. One of the main selling point for Jamaica as a tourist destination is the warmth and hospitality of the Jamaican people and we would love to keep it that way.

TAC serves as a medium through which students at the secondary and tertiary level can learn more about tourism in a fun, less structured way. TAC also provides opportunities to share their views on issues arising in the tourist industry. We certainly welcome the input of our bright young minds and hope that these students will grow with a passion for tourism whether they become involved directly or indirectly with the industry in the future. Jamaica like many other Caribbean destinations is heavily dependent on tourism. As such we need to work assiduously to develop and maintain a sustainable tourism product of which we along with future generations can be proud of.

If you are a student and you would like to share our passion for tourism, please feel free to join our club through your school. The JTB is ready and willing to welcome your club. Being a part of TAC will create a lasting impact on your personal development – why not become a part of TAC today?