Registration for the 2022 JTB Public Speaking Competition is now closed.

Tourism Action Clubs are invited to select one (1) representative to participate in this national competition. Student representatives must be between the ages of 14-17 years as at September 2022.

Staff Advisors must complete and submit the registration form to enter. The deadline for schools to register for the competition is Friday, May 13, 2022.

Competition Details

In the first round of the competition, students will be required to deliver a three (3) minute presentation on any one of three (3) listed topics.

Each student will also be required to answer a question on an unknown tourism-related topic before a panel of judges.

Students will not know ahead of time on which topic they will be asked to speak and should prepare responses to all three.

The winner of the competition will go on to represent Jamaica as ‘Junior Minister of Tourism’ at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Regional Youth Congress in Fall 2022.

Competition Schedule

Deadline to submit registration formMay 13, 2022
First Round June 9, 2022
Training Sessions and Activities for finalistsJuly 2022
Final RoundJuly 28, 2022


Students should prepare to present their ideas on ANY of the three topics outlined below. Students will not know beforehand on which topic they will be asked to speak. Each student will be given three (3) minutes to respond.

1. Agriculture in Tourism (Agro-Tourism)

“Supplying locally produced food to luxury hotels and cruise ships benefits both the tourism industry and the agricultural sector…” Mrs. Ena Harvey, Representative, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

As Junior Minister/Commissioner of Tourism, identify two (2) possible challenges to pursuing this strategy and recommend two (2) achievable solutions, which make following this approach a viable option for your country.

2. Experiential Tourism

“Evidence shows that for their leisure, today’s tourists, especially millennials and Generation Xers, crave and pursue the personalized services and experiences and the kinds of unique immersion experiences that create special memories.” Her Excellency H. Elizabeth Thompson, Barbados’ Ambassador to the United Nations – Keynote Speaker, CTO Sustainable Tourism Conference 2019

As Junior Minister/Commissioner of Tourism, propose three (3) strategies that your Ministry and its stakeholders could put in place to meet this growing demand.

3. Community-Based Tourism

The benefits of tourism have not always been experienced by those most vulnerable in the Caribbean, i.e., women, youth, persons with disabilities, indigenous groups, etc.

In this scenario, your Ministry has been awarded a grant of US$100,000 to develop and implement a Community-Based Tourism project that would ensure direct benefits to some of the aforementioned vulnerable groups.

As Junior Minister/Commissioner of Tourism, describe to your colleagues the project being implemented in your country and clearly explain the contributions to be made by and the benefits to be derived from the participation of at least two (2) vulnerable groups in the community.